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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Collect helpful feedback

Quickly create and share customer satisfaction surveys to collect crucial data that guides your business forward.

Why use customer satisfaction surveys?

No matter what problem you’re trying to solve, gathering feedback from customers will help you make smart business decisions. Use Formstack’s easy-to-use survey tools to unlock important customer insights that improve customer loyalty and retention.

Make collecting customer feedback easy

Access powerful customer satisfaction survey tools inside an easy-to-use platform. Build and share customer surveys in a snap that reveal incredible data.
Measure customer satisfaction
Measure customer satisfaction

Use rating fields to accurately gauge how well customers like or dislike different aspects of your business in a format that's easy for them to complete.

Provide better survey experiences
Provide better survey experiences

Create seamless, mobile-friendly survey experiences for customers by using branded surveys and customized email notifications.

Improve survey conversions
Improve survey conversions

Use powerful conversion tools such as A/B Testing, Partial Submissions, and Field Bottlenecks to secure more survey submissions.

Measure customer satisfaction
Only ask what matters

Avoid survey abandonment by using Conditional Logic to only show questions relevant to the survey taker.

Quickly resolve customer issues
Quickly resolve customer issues

Address negative feedback quickly with automated emails that route data to the right rep based on how customers answer particular questions.

Easily analyze customer data
Easily analyze customer data

Use powerful analytics to filter through your submissions, pull out key tidbits, and present your findings in presentation-ready charts and graphs.


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